Egat! another soyfty web-log. It doesn't even have dates!---Well g/u/rls, I'm outtta here.
Still wheezing through my long nights in the datamines, at the heighth of self-repression.
``Incognito ergo sum'' ---Iosif Brodskij

I've had recurring nightmares
I was loved for who I am
Missed the opportunity
To be a better man

``Goat help us all, if I know what I'm doing.'' ---Zero Cool (lainon)
I sign these my files with signify(1)---Goat knows whether it's secure.
Remember to wear umask 077.

I'm a religious man. By religious, I mean some my beliefs are strange, and require faith. By man, I mean human. Really, I'm just little old me. I'm not even that old---for all you know, I might not be human, either..

What? Me? A goat? Disabuse the notion!

There's an old american tradition, that has your soul trapped in images of you. Every image, has your soul. So when you take a selfie, you are killing yourself, spiritually. Likewise, when you pass through the view of a closed-circuit television, or even, when someone thinks of you. These are all images of you. Generally, it's any idea of you in someone's mind.

Of course, it's not all equal. An interesting portrait of you hanging in public forever, for many persons to see and think about, has much more of your soul, than the same in a locket about your dearest. And of course, this is not the only thing that can happen with your soul. Some other things might instead give you more soul, and there might be overlap. The spiritural realm is not so simple as that.

For example, your curriculum-vitae, has a small part of your soul, that you are giving to potential employers. But if you get the work, and it's interesting work, you'll be enhancing your soul. Life is full of these sorts of balances to consider.

Some people are OK living without much soul. That's their problem, not mine. I prefer to have people around me who have much soul, though.

I'm a big believer in bullshit. Lotsa people don't understand that. There's alotta bad bullshit out there---really gives it a Bad Name. Alotta bullshit wann'na destroy minds---I'm not that, no, I think there's an esthetic argument for bullshit. It's that which tells you exactly what you wanna hear, when you needa hear it, with enough, albeit vague, detail, that one might ponder it's true meaning for decades, or days, and get ever more interesting thoughts. It is associated rightly with philosophy, especially of the synthetic kind, that seeks to promulgate ideas per se---whatever ideas, better if they're the reader's own.

Yaknow? I think I'mma start a cult. Just for the hell of it. Seems like the thing everybody's doing these days. Might as well try to fit in, donchaknowit?

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