This wiki is for documentation regarding the configuration of the instance and tutorials on how to work with the environment on the instance.

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All users have a directory ~/public_html/ that serves HTML at

index.html is the default HTML file.

The user that serves these files is www, which has a group of www, so this account should be able to read your files in your public_html directory for them to display properly.


All users have a directory ~/public_html/cgi that serves CGI script. Apache has a handler for any script with a suffix of .cgi.

If you write a plaintext script (like perl or python), the script needs to have a #! header for Apache to know which binary to interpret the file with. Script need to have the execute bit set with chmod +x

There is an example at /home/gashapwn/public_html/cgi/test.cgi

Deleting your account

If you want to delete your account, just delete your home directory. A cronjob runs every 5 minutes that will clean up your account.


Running the command library will show an aggregated library by searching all for home directories that contain the folder ~/books/ for epub files

If you have books you think the tilde would like, please save to your ~/books/ directory.

Updating the wiki

All articles in the wiki can be found at /docs/wiki/articles. Files are saved in markdown format.

After updating files, run bash /docs/wiki/ and the HTML will be updated.