1. you must 18 or older to use tildezero.xyz
  2. since this is multiuser system, show good judgement with the server resources (ie dont start mining crypto)
  3. don't damage/delete others work
  4. don't upload child pornography to tildezero.xyz
  5. don't use tildezero.xyz to distribute malware
  6. be smart with your data (fwiw, when i use a shared system like this i assume all data i have on the box is effecitvely comprimised)

some things to consider:

  1. relax and try not to take the things others say too seriously.
  2. no implementation is perfect. so i encourage you to make your own tilde with different rules and designs. there are instructions in the git repo to make a clone of this instance if you want to use it as a starting place.
  3. On your first login throw something fun in your index.html even if its just placeholder.